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Cooperative Membership

Cooperative Members (CM) are for-profits that are selected by the Nonprofit Cooperative to serve our nonprofits on a national or multi-state basis. The company can be any size, but their business must be dedicated to supporting the nonprofit sector.

When you become a Cooperative Member, you gain immediate access to a host of benefits proven to increase your visibility in the nonprofit community. The Nonprofit Cooperative has three Membership Zones across the United States. Members select which Zone they would like to purchase. If your capacity allows, you can purchase all three Zones to fuel national growth. 


Value to the Cooperative Members

  • They are in a business category of their own and do not have to compete with other CMs in their Zone
  • They will have access to hundreds to thousands of nonprofits
  • They will be able to collaborate with other members that serve nonprofits that allows for cross referencing and thus business expansion opportunities

Once a CM, it is easy to enjoy these benefits by getting involved with the organization through collaboration with other members, hosting a webinar, writing a white paper, and joining one of our Meet-N-Greets (regular meeting where you get to meet other members and our nonprofits). These opportunities provide you with the tools that will make your membership a success for your business.


The organization will hold specific events to promote and support collaboration among our members. This will be an opportunity to meet other members from across all zones and disciplines in order to collaborate and help refer business.

Benefits of becoming a Cooperative Member

  •     A platform to educate nonprofits
  •     Attendance at all organization events
  •     Access to monthly collaboration events
  •     Ability to share information on the organization's website, blogs, newsletters
  •     Linkage to the organization's website and social media promotions
  •     Brand exposure to the nonprofit sector
  •     Participation in speaking opportunities (webinars, seminars)
  •     Marketing and advertising opportunity
  •     Collaboration opportunities with colleagues

Apply for Cooperative Membership

The Nonprofit Cooperative
442 5th Avenue # 1372
New York 10018

Phone: 646-397-4706

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