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Nonprofit Associate Benefits

The Nonprofit Cooperative serves nonprofits of all sizes. It is our mission to provide free resources, training, and guidance to our nonprofit members.  With ever-increasing demands on limited resources, nonprofits have enough to worry about!

Let the Nonprofit Cooperative help you navigate the labyrinth of untapped capacity-building opportunities both nationally and in your community. As an added bonus, our Nonprofit Associates receive automatic acceptance to start enjoying the benefits of membership right away. 

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Nonprofit Assoicate and who is The Nonprofit Cooperative.

Joining The Nonprofit Cooperative is FREE to all nonprofits and takes less than 2 minutes.  You won't believe how much money can be saved in such little time!

Information that you will need to join: 

  • Login credentials (if you've already registered on our site)
  • logo and mission to post on our website

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Peer-to-Peer Nonprofit Roundtables

Learn About Our Roundtables


Executive Director Roundtable - An  opportunity for EDs to meet and exchange ideas, experiences, and information in a  friendly environment.  Learn from others and help others face challenges familiar to you.  Connect with other leaders in the nonprofit community.


An avenue for nonprofit senior staff to meet colleagues facing similar challenges in a rapidly evolving environment, facilitating exchange of ideas, opportunities, and challenges. Expand your connections to feed your aspirations, and develop your leadership skills to meet present and future opportunities and threats.


Board Members Roundtable -   A forum for Board Members to discuss  issues they face in carrying out their responsibilities.  Enhancing understanding of how nonprofit boards perform best and how to maximize the  board member experience. 

Vetted Cooperative and Small Business Members 

Getting connected to the wrong vendor costs money, getting connected to the right vendor makes you money. 

Cooperative Members (CM) and Small Business Members (SBM) are for-profits that are selected by the Nonprofit Cooperative to serve our nonprofits on a national or multi-state basis. These companies can be any size organization in any industry. The Nonprofit Cooperative has three Membership Zones across the United States to have a member near you. 

Mentor Program

Our Mentor Program is focused on helping nonprofit executives and staff grow into more effective leaders by matching seasoned nonprofit executives with entry and mid-level professionals, or even new emerging executives, to provide guidance focused on both specific tangible outcomes as well as long term leadership development skills. This is an opportunity for nonprofit professionals to turbocharge their careers and reach their potential.  It is also an opportunity for established experts and leaders in their field to share their knowledge with upcoming members of The Nonprofit Cooperative thus nurturing the next generation of leadership in the nonprofit universe.

Learn About the Mentoring Program

Free Training

    We are committed to providing training opportunities to the staff of our nonprofit members at no cost to them.  We at TNC believe that this is one of the most powerful means to help nonprofits succeed in their mission.  It is part of our mission to meet the training of our members by providing learning opportunities across various important areas and various expertise levels. So, we have partnered with Top Nonprofits, a top provider of training resources to the nonprofit community, to offer our members FREE training course, podcasts, workshops, webinars, and changemaker events in a wide array of topics. Details on free training programs are available to Members exclusively, you will have to be login to your account to gain access to the free training. 

    Learn About Training

      Digital Technology

      Enjoy a list of technology resources that will help you navigate your nonprofit with ease. 

      Learn About Technology

      Resource Partners 

      Nonprofits that serve Nonprofits

      Learn About Resource Partners

        We Support Nonprofits of All Sizes


        Bi-monthly The Nonprofit Cooperative will hold a Nonprofit Meet-N-Greet where nonprofits can meet their peers and other members. The purpose of the Meet-N-Greet is to get to know your peers on a personal level. There will be plenty of time to collaborate afterward.

        Since our days are filled with enough stress, these events are fun and stress-free. Everyone will be able to move from room to room, with each room having an ice breaker question that is meant to be fun, for example “Where is your favorite place to vacation?”

        Learn About Meet-N-Greets

        Job Board

        Members may post available job positions on our website for FREE

        Access the Job Board

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