Peer-to-Peer Roundtable

The Peer-to-Peer Roundtables are a safe place for Executive Director, Senior Staff and Board Members to talk freely. These roundtable discussions help brainstorm with other leaders who have solved long standing problems so they can unburden themselves from day to day issues while engaging in meaningful conversations about how best forward together on crucial business challenges.

The P2P meetings allow executives at all levels within an organization to communicate more openly without any fear of judgment or criticism because it's just among peers!


Executive Director Roundtable - An  opportunity for EDs to meet and exchange ideas, experiences, and information in a  friendly environment.  Learn from others and help others face challenges familiar to you.  Connect with other leaders in the nonprofit community.

At TNC, you will:

  • Expand your group of peer executives that you interact with and improve your knowledge of the nonprofit community 
  • Exchange information on best practices
  • Learn about and share information on new trends and issues facing nonprofit executives
  • Learn about emerging opportunities in fundraising and resource management
  • Utilize and expand your leadership skills by helping other nonprofit EDs meet challenges familiar to you

What TNC Members can expect:

  • 6 meetings per year, taking place every other month
  • Roundtable groups of up to 12 (additional roundtables will be formed when that level is reached)
  • Expertly coordinated programs covering general topics of interest to executive leaders, as well as specialized topics related to contemporary issues
  • Expert speakers covering topics of importance to you as a nonprofit executive, helping your continuing growth as a leader
  • Expert subject matters driven by member interest, including areas such as legal, tax, legislative, motivation, organizational growth, board management, etc.


An avenue for nonprofit senior staff to meet colleagues facing similar challenges in a rapidly evolving environment, facilitating exchange of ideas, opportunities, and challenges. Expand your connections to feed your aspirations, and develop your leadership skills to meet present and future opportunities and threats.  

At TNC, you will:

  • Meet fellow senior staff from other nonprofits to discuss issues you face and share solutions   

  • Learn ways to mitigate problems and develop forward looking solutions from others facing similar challenges with you  

  • Share information on opportunities emerging in a rapidly evolving nonprofit environment  

  • Develop your leadership skills by interacting with other established leaders and providing your own experiences for the benefit of others 

  • Learn about new tools available for the administration and management of nonprofits

What TNC Members can expect:

  • 6 meetings per year, taking place every other month

  • Roundtable groups of no more than 12 (additional roundtables will be formed when that level is reached)

  • Workshops and seminars on general and specialized topics tailored to the needs of nonprofit senior staff and developed with input from the members

  • Invited speakers that are experts in their fields providing knowledge and insight tailored to your professional and organizational growth, covering a wide range of topics related to organizational development, human resources, IT, business administration, etc.

  • Opportunities to make new friends and develop professional connections


Board Members Roundtable -   A forum for Board Members to discuss issues they face in carrying out their responsibilities.  Enhancing understanding of how nonprofit boards perform best and how to maximize the board member experience.  

At TNC, you will:

  • Engage with other board members that serve nonprofits having the opportunity to form valuable relations
  • Receive insight about best practices at other nonprofits and learn about creative solutions to common or unique problems
  • Learn about highly effective ways to structure nonprofit boards for best governance and effective resources development         
  • Recognize potential opportunities for cross-organizational cooperation and partnership

What TNC Members can expect:

  • Opportunity to meet board members from other nonprofits
  • Developing relationships that may benefit your organization
  • Provide input to TNC regarding additional ways to support your ED and senior staff in meeting your organization’s goals 

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