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The Nonprofit Cooperative serves nonprofits of all sizes. It is our mission to provide free resources, training, and guidance to our nonprofit members.  With ever-increasing demands on limited resources, nonprofits have enough to worry about! Let the Nonprofit Cooperative help you navigate the labyrinth of untapped capacity-building opportunities both nationally and in your community. As an added bonus, our Nonprofit Associates receive automatic acceptance to start enjoying the benefits of membership right away. 

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Cooperative Members (CM) are for-profits that are selected by the Nonprofit Cooperative to support the Nonprofit Associate on a national or multi-state basis. The company can be of any size, and their business has to be dedicated to supporting the nonprofit sector.

When you become a Cooperative Member, you gain immediate access to a host of benefits proven to increase your visibility to the nonprofit community.

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Small Business Members (SBM) are for-profits with annual revenues less than $300,000, that support nonprofits on a national or multi-state basis. 

When you become a Small Business Member, you gain immediate access to a host of benefits proven to increase your visibility to the nonprofit community.

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Workshops To Grow Your Nonprofit!

The back office is made up of administration and support personnel who are at the core of any business. Allow us to help you master your back office.

Finance involves managing assets, liabilities, revenues, donations, and debts for a Nonprofit. Join this workshop to get to know your finances.

A workshop for organizations on selecting your board candidates. Your board is there to offer advice and direction.

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Learn how our mission impacts nonprofits. Meet our Executive Director Danette O'Connell and nonprofit leaders that are part of our community.


The Executive Director of The Nonprofit Cooperative shares why differences between NPO's are really opportunities and how collaborations can build impactful confidence.


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We are happy to announce that The Nonprofit Cooperative has become a part of accessiBe's Nonprofit Partnership Program! 

The Nonprofit Partnership Program is working to increase the conversation about the communities of people with disabilities and web accessibility. Our shared partnership is based on the belief that only with added education and awareness about people with disabilities and the disability community can we achieve a more inclusive society. 

Feel free to check them out at!

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